in the autumn way

i love, love, love this time of year ... from hats and cardigans to corduroy and wool, from acorns and squash to pumpkins and gourds. halloween. thanksgiving. this time of year brings back some good memories of my college years in burlington, vermont, like walking down a leaf-lined street toward campus, wearing a vintage harris tweed blazer and munching on an apple. and it makes me want to run outside and recreate that memory all over again — and some new ones, too.

to that end, my big girl, hayden, helped me this weekend to whip together this goofy-looking, wool candy corn stuffie for her baby brother, durham. and she helped her daddy to pick some asian pears from our backyard. and i foresee an acorn-gathering trip with her later this week, at one of the local parks. we'll just have to dip into our collection of felted wool balls to make ourselves a bowlful of those little waldorf acorns that pop up all over etsy this time of year :-)

(please excuse the fuzzy photo; the boy just doesn't want to sit still anymore! he was eager to get back to playing his piano.)


Kelly O. said...

that candy corn stuffie is ADORABLE!!

Niesz Vintage Home said...

OH! I love the candy corn. Too cute.
Hayden is pretty adorable, too. :)

Violette Crumble said...

So, now we know what you would look like as a red-headed little (giant) boy. I can't believe how much he is looking like you! I like that candy corn too.

Anonymous said...

a candy cork plushie! It's brilliant and on the
must-have lists for everyone this halloween.