like squirrels with acorns

building a fabric stash is just like squirreling away acorns, no? that's the realization i came to while making this skirt for hayden, using some supercute — kawaii, in fact — japanese corduroy fabric.

fabric that just happened to be studded with squirrels, acorns, bunnies, and deer. fabric that i purchased nearly two years ago for the purpose of making hayden a skirt, a skirt that i never imagined would take me two years to finally get around to making. (but as any self-respecting squirrel will tell you, i'm sure, there's nothing nutty about having a stash. the acorns all get eaten eventually.)

since i envision this skirt spending a lot of time in the sandbox, hayden's favorite post-lunch haunt at pre-school, i was sure to reinforce and finish off all the raw edges. this way, maybe it can hang around in her wardrobe for about as long as it hung around in my head.


Little Green Doll said...

This fabric with squirrels is really really nice!!

{kimmymade} said...

Isn't it? By the time I discovered it, the other colorways were long gone, so I was fortunate just to nab the brown. But oh how I wish I'd gotten the others!