acorn girl

hayden loves to scavenge for pine cones and acorns at nearby live oak park, so i really wanted to make her an acorn shirt for the fall. she was very excited about the idea, and for days on end would fling piles of fabric off my shelves in search of just the right patterns. at first she wanted something pink, but then she declared (much to my relief) that she wanted the more seasonally-appropriate brown. when I spotted this oh-so-autumnal vintage 70s cord on etsy, i told her that our search was over! thankfully, she took me for my word and left it at that, but secretly i was a bit nervous that when she saw the end result i'd hear "hay-nen no like that" ... something we hear more and more of lately. it's one thing if she rejects an article of clothing from old navy or the gap, but i'd be so disappointed if it was something that i'd made for her.

this morning, while she was out with the babysitter, i finally decided to make it happen, even though i'm still only halfway through with stitching together her panda softie. (can we say wip add?) then, i was so excited with how it turned out that i could hardly wait to show it to her ... so i brought it with me in the car when i went to pick her up.

i'm both thrilled and relieved to report that she apparently approved of my choices, as she immediately asked to put it on and has been rubbing her corduroy acorn ever since :-) like mother, like daughter?


Amber said...

Too cute!!!

I need to get on the ball and make some fun cool weather shirts for my boys. :)

leslie said...

oh she is SO cute and the shirt is fabulous!

Anna said...

That shirt is adorable!

Kim said...

thanks, everyone!